Image taken at night. Grafitti saying "Lobbying kills" and "war criminals" alongside a Wanted poster

Belgium: activists protest European Defency Agency conference

As hundreds of arms dealers prepared to gather for the annual European Defence Agency conference, hundreds of posters appeared throughout the European quarter in Brussels protesting the arms industry and its CEOs’ complicity in arming dictatorial regimes and in the militarisation of European borders.

WRL Statement poster - An image of a rose with a message of solidarity written alongside it

Against war with Iran, against WWIII

This statement was originally published by War Resisters League, one of WRI's affiliates in the USA, and endo

Solidarity action for Ambazonian prisoners of conscience

Call for support for Ambazonian prisoners of conscience on Prisoners for Peace Day

War Resisters' International has recently been joined by new affiliates. One of the new affiliates of our expanding network is the Ambazonian Prisoners of Conscience Support Network (APOCS Net). On this Prisoners for Peace Day, we feature APOCS Net's work and encourage our followers to write to Ambozinian prisoners of conscience, alongside other prisoners for peace and conscience.