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A woman in Mexico protests on the anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico
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Heckler & Koch found guilty of illegal arms sales to Mexico

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Sig Sauer is a brand name used by two sister companies based in Germany and the USA. Both companies specialise in the production of pistols and firearms, arming military and police forces around the world.

Arms company Heckler & Koch have been found guilty in a German court of illegally supplying arms to Mexico.

Belgian company CMI Defence and French company Thales have announced new agreements with Saudi Arabia, in response to a new Saudi program of investment in industry and infrastructure.

The British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged Germany to end it’s ban of weapons exports to Saudi Arabia. Hunt has written to his counterpart Heiko Maas, and described how the ban is impacting British companies ability to fulfil their own contracts with Saudi Arabia on a visit to Berlin to discuss Brexit.