GREECE: CO Yiannis Glarnetatzis tried and found innocent


In September 2013, Yiannis Glarnetatzis was tried at court without being summoned to attend the trial. The sentence - insubordination charges with one year imprisonment suspended for two years, and revoking his CO status - were sent to an outdated address, and he only learned of the judgement a few months later, when he received requests to pay for the costs of the trial, sent to his current address.

Yiannis Glarnetatzis appealed to court, and on October 21st 2015 he was found innocent for procedural reasons, because the way that he had his CO status revoked was not according to the right procedure. The military revoked his CO status without first calling him for a hearing. For this reason he had won his case also before the State Council.


The European Bureau for Conscientious Objection, Greece: Repeal the conviction of the President of the Association of Greek Conscientious Objectors Yiannis Glarnetatzis, 20 October 2015
Correspondence with Greek activists, 2 November 2015


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