An inspiring story from the archives: Scottish train drivers who tried to derail the Iraq War


In this issue of the CO-Update, we would like to share with you an inspiring story from 2003, which we think worth re-sharing and remembering. We are aware of many protests that took place across different countries to avert Iraq War in 2003. Our knowledge of this history is, however, mostly limited to huge demonstrations, such as the famous 'million' march which brought up to two million people to the streets in London. This time we would like to tell you about another story: Conscientious objection of the West Highland Line train drivers in Scotland who refused orders to shift the military materials to the British Navy.

The drivers, working at the EWS - a freight firm contracted by the Ministry of Defence - were fully aware that the materials they were going to transport were to be used at Iraq War, and, rather than following orders, refused to ship the munitions..

To read their inspiring story, see here.

Source: VICE, The Forgotten Story of How Scottish Train Drivers Tried to Derail the Iraq War, 5th July 2016


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