USA approves biggest arms sale to Taiwan in decades

An F16 fighter jet sillhouetted against the sky
An F16 jet

China has threatened to impose sanctions on US companies involved in a massive arms deal with Taiwan, and accused the US of interference in domestic affairs after the State Department approved the biggest sale of arms to the island in decades. The $8 billion deal involves 66 F-16 jets built by Lockheed Martin.

The F-16 deal follows another $2 billion deal in July 2019 which included 108 Abrams battle tanks built in a factory operated by General Dynamics, and 250 stinger missiles. The July deal also drew a similar response from China, demanding the US immediately cancel the order.

Analysts told NPR that the threat of sanctions won’t have a significant impact, because the companies involved “don’t do a whole lot of business in China.”

Taiwan relies heavily on the US for military equipment. The Chinese government considers the self-governing island a breakaway province that it will one day reclaim.

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