Call for submissions: climate, environment and militarism

Street art from Toronto: Climate Crisis Wake Up Disobey sign

Ecological breakdown and rampaging militarisation are two threats that will come to define this period of history. Never has the world been more heavily armed, and never have we faced the potential of run-away climate change, biodiversity loss, and other forms of ecological breakdown.

But rather than being two separate "issues", are there ways that we can understand - and respond - in a way that recognises both issues as deeply embedded in the other? Is a demilitarised world possible without also a just transition away from carbon intensive economies? Can we respond to climate change in a meaningful way without demilitarising? And how are communities resisting extractivist projects facing militarisation?

We will explore these questions in the next edition of WRI's The Broken Rifle magazine - and we'd like you to help us! If you would like to consider submitting an article, then please email with the subject "Broken Rifle submission", and a short email outlining what you would like to write about.

The final deadline for submissions is 8th November.

We can accept contributions in a range of languages. Let us know if you would like to write in a language other than English and we can normally arrange translation.

Most articles for the Broken Rifle are around 1,200 words and published on our website under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. For more information about writing for WRI, see this link:

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